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Union College basketball team gets taste of Infantry training

Oct. 20, 2010 | By kentuckyguard
ACH By Capt. Andi Hahn, 149th MEB Public Affairs Officer [caption id="attachment_3560" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Sgt. 1st Class James Johnson, Headquarters Headquarters Company Readiness Noncommissioned Officer, grades the pushups of Union College Basketball player during Mountain Warrior Challenge at Artemus, Ky., Oct 9."] ARTEMUS, Ky.--Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 149th Infantry conducted a team-building event with Union College men's basketball team as part of the  the Mountain Warrior Challenge Oct. 9 at Harold L. Disney Training Center in Artemus, Ky. The goal of the event was to foster team unity and leadership development among the players while instilling the Army values of selfless service, loyalty and personal courage.  The MWC also supported the battalion's information operations campaign to become more involved and visible in the community prior to the possible deployment. The one-day event began early in the morning with the athletes performing a modified version of the Army Physical Fitness Test.  Following the APFT, the players divided into five, 4-man teams and rotated through five "lanes" that challenged them mentally and physically including rappelling, combatives, litter carry, leadership reaction course and individual movement techniques. [caption id="attachment_3561" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Staff Sgt. Floyd Branham, Headquarters Company training noncommissioned officer, pins Union Basketball Team player during combatives at Mountain Warrior Challenge at Artemus, Ky., Oct 9."] Capt. Dylan Sizemore, the officer in charge of the event, said the Soldiers enjoyed teaching the basketball team lessons in leadership, teamwork and self-sacrifice for the better of the team. "Mountain Warrior Challenge opened the Soldiers' eyes on how the skills they have learned in the Army can be applied to help other individuals, groups and treams in the community," Sizemore said. Check out the videos below courtesy Derekk Forrest WYMT. [youtube=] [youtube=]

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