201st Engineer Battalion Responds to Winter Snows

Jan. 5, 2010 | By kentuckyguard
The 201st is no stranger to relief efforts in the wake of natural disasters, from Hurricane Katrina to the recent spring floods the Workhorse Battalion stands ready. Most recently, Soldiers of the 201st Engineer Battalion, known as "The Workhorse Battalion", cleared routes, transported food and water, and deployed generators in the wake of heavy snows in Eastern Kentucky during the heavy holdiay travel period of 19 through 23 December. As the heavy snow continued to fall to depths of up to 10 inches, Soldiers of the Workhorse Battalion made their way to armories to prepare to clear roads of debris for the Commonwealth. Soldiers of the 207th Engineer Company in Hazard and Jackson, the 577th Sapper Company in Prestonsburg and Pikeville, the 149th Engineer Company in Cynthiana and Olive Hill, and the 201st Headquarters Support Company and Forward Support Company in Ashland all deployed their "Humvees," Chainsaws, and Palletized Loading System Trucks to respond to the call of Pike, Perry, Breathitt, Knott, Magoffin, Letcher, and Wolfe Counties to remove fallen trees and transport much needed water and food items to emergency relief sites. "This is some of the best duty a Soldier can have," says SGT Derek Sizemore of 201st Headquarters Support Company, "I get a real feeling of satisfaction by helping people in this kind of mission." he adds. During the 4-day mission, the 201st deployed over 80 Soldiers which made up 40 chainsaw clearing crews clearing roughly 120 miles of roadway laden with fallen trees and transported over 2,500 gallons of drinking water to relief centers all over southeast Kentucky. Assured mobility is one of the 201st Engineer Battalion's essential missions, whether it be clearing roadside bombs from routes in Afghanistan or clearing fallen trees from routes in the Commonwealth, the Workhorse Battalion is ready to serve!

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