Here's to 2013!

Jan. 3, 2014 | By kentuckyguard

The Kentucky National Guard wishes you all a very Happy New Year!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="576"]2013 pics Memorable stories of 2013.

The Kentucky National Guard Public Affairs directorate has been on a roll, of sorts, continuing a streak as THE MOST published Public Affairs office in the entire National Guard.

But when you consider the quality of the Soldiers, Airmen and civilian employees that make up the Kentucky Army and Air National Guard, the stories demand to be told.

Below is a compilation of some of the most-memorable stories of 2013, month by month. Enjoy these links as we celebrate another great year.

In January, Soldiers of Task Force Longrifles worked to make new friends in the Horn of Africa. They collaborated with numerous other countries during their deployment, including this combined effort to improve roads near their base in Djibouti: Kentuckians, multi-national forces work to better roads in Africa. February saw a national environmental award presented to our Wendell H. Ford Regional Training Center: Kentucky training center wins Army-wide award. More national recognition came in March when the 238th Regiment was designated with a prestigious designation: 238th reaches milestone as an Institute of Excellence. Spring in April is about making money, or so it was in Afghanistan, as Agribusiness Development Team 5 gave local farmers some financial advice: Putting the "business" into agribusiness in Afghanistan. The Derby came and went for the 139th time in May as usual, and another routine is our Airmen being named best in the country: Kentucky's Contingency Response Group named best in Air National Guard. Just like other high school graduates in June, cadets at the Kentucky National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Academies have greater ambitions in their minds as well: From Gladiator to Marine, a Youth ChalleNGe graduate's success story. In July, the Kentucky Guard said goodbye to a tried and true friend. They were just planes, but they left an impression: Legacy of Kentucky's unique aircraft remembered. As annual training rotations were in full swing in August, our Air National Guard travelled to St. Louis, to show all how its done: Photo spotlight on Exercise Gateway Relief. September brought about several unique opportunities for Kentucky Guardsmen, but few as rewarding as recycling while they trained: Transportation mission benefits Soldiers, communities. In October, Soldiers of the 149th Vertical Construction Company continued their highly respected work overseas: Guardsmen leave construction legacy in Afghanistan. To help celebrate Veterans' Day in November, The University of Louisville launched a new form of assistance: New program offers unique approach to helping combat veterans. It is appropriate to finish out the year in December with the best kind of story we tell: Kentucky troops, home for the holidays.    

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