Garrison Training Centers

Kentucky Army National Guard Soldiers zero their M-4’s prior to their rifle marksmanship during the Best Warrior Competition Oct. 22, 2020, at Wendell H. Ford Regional Training Center in Greenville, Kentucky. (U.S. Army National Guard photo by Spc. Brett Hornback)

Wendell H. Ford Regional Training Center

Wendell H. Ford Regional Training Center (WHFRTC) is the main training center for the Kentucky National Guard and is located in the heart of Western Kentucky, just outside of Greenville, Ky. off the Western Kentucky Parkway. Constructed on 8,500 acres of reclaimed strip-mine land, the training center has complete year-round accommodations, to include barracks and quarters for nearly 500 troops, a 400-seat dining hall, a drill hall, and modern learning center for computer simulator training. The site also features live-fire ranges, hardened bivouac sites, a controlled humidity storage complex, complete maintenance facilities for military equipment, engagement skills training center, obstacle course and a 4,200 ft. grass runway.

WHFRTC Introduction Video

The other two training sites are the Harold L. Disney Training Center and Hidden Valley Training Site.

Harold L. Disney Training Center

Located in Southeast Kentucky near Artemus, Ky., Harold L. Disney Training Center is constructed on over 550 acres, features barracks, computer simulated training, classrooms, training areas and obstacle courses among other training opportunities.

Hidden Valley Training Site

Hidden Valley Training Site is a 550-acre site located just west of Stanton, Ky. The site is mostly forested and is often used by the public for hunting, hiking and camping. Visitors to the area should plan accordingly when the Kentucky National Guard is utilizing the site for training purposes.

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