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To the retirees and separated members of the Kentucky National Guard, thank you for your service to our Commonwealth and to our Nation. Here’s a great resource for Army Veterans & Retirees:

Instructions on how to complete your retirement application: KYNG-How-to-complete-a-Retirement-Application.pdf

Kentucky National Guard Retiree Benefits

Army Guard Retiree Services NCOIC & Personnel Office:

Air Guard Personnel Office

HRO Employee Relations Specialist

HRO Office

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Retired Technician Resource

Important Information

Retirement Newsletter

If you have 17 or more years of service, please view the link for the most up-to-date retirement information:  
Retirement Newsletter – Change of Mission

Retirement and Reserve Component Survivor Benefits (RC-SBP)

  • Upon receipt of your 20-Year Letter you have 90 days to elect Reserve Component Survivor Benefits (RC-SBP). RC-SBP allows retirement-eligible members to elect, at a cost of reduced retired pay during their lifetime, to provide up to 55% of their retired pay to an eligible survivor upon the member’s death.
  • If you do not make an election with 90 days, it will default to Option C. You do not have to accept this but will have to make the election to Option A in order to defer.
  • What you elect at the time of your 20-Year Letter will reflect retirement benefits at age 60.
  • You don’t start paying RC-SBP until age 60.
  • To check cost of RC-SBP, use one of the following links:
Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan RCSBP Coverage and Costs
My Army Benefits - Survivor Benefits Calculator
My Army Benefits - Retirement Calculator

Reduced Eligibility Age

  • Effective 28 January 2008
  • Reduced age eligibility for those who serve on active duty in support of a contingency operations including wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or under Title 32 for purposes of responding to a national emergency. The National Defense Authorization Act of 2008 lowers the retirement age by 3 months for each aggregate of 90 days within a fiscal year (1 October – 30 September)
  • Reduced age eligibility is for pay only. TRICARE does not go into effect until your 60th birthday.
  • HRC no longer mails retired pay packet applications. At age 59 or earlier if you qualify for reduced age eligibility, you will need to contact HRC or the State RSO to request an application.

Other Sources

Army Echoes
  • 16-page newsletter published and mailed to Retired Soldiers and surviving annuitant spouses three times a year
  • Its purpose is to keep Army Retired Soldiers and Family members abreast of their rights and privileges and inform them of developments and upcoming changes
  • Includes directory of every possible phone number a retiree/annuitant would ever need

HRC Ft Knox
1600 Spearhead Ave, Dept 482
Ft Knox, KY 40122-5408

For Pay Purposes

General Pay Inquiries

DFAS: 800-321-1080 (Option 1)
Local: (216) 522-5955
DSN: 580-5955

For Retirees

Defense Finance & Accounting Service
U.S. Military Retired Pay
P. O. Box 7130
London, KY 40742-7130

For Annuitants, Beneficiaries & Survivors

Defense Finance & Accounting Service
U. S. Military Annuitant Pay
P. O. Box 7131
London, KY 40742-7131

To Claim "Non Receipt of Payment"

Defense Finance & Accounting Service
Cleveland Center
P. O. Box 998005
Cleveland, OH 44199-1126