Flyovers, Static Displays, Band, Color Guard Requests

Static Display Requests & National Guard Civil Support

These requests require a 30-day lead time in order to facilitate the required approvals.

Citizens and community organizations can request a military band, color guard, exhibits or guest speakers to support their local event**.

Regardless of the type of support, personnel in uniform and painted military vehicles will always turn heads. 

In order to request Kentucky National Guard support, you must submit a DD Form 2536, "Request for Armed Forces Participation in Public Events," to the Kentucky National Guard Public Affairs Office at

Request For Armed Forces Participation in Public Events:
    Blank DD Form 2536, 2023 edition (PDF format)
Example Request Form:
    Example DD Form 2536 (PDF format)


Aviation Static Display Requests

Aviation Static Display Requests require a 45-day lead time in order to facilitate the required approvals.

If you would like to request a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, UH-72 helicopter or C-130 Hercules airplane static display at your event, you must submit a DD Form 2535, "Request for Military Air Support," (same form used for a flyover request) at least 45 days prior to the event.

Aviation Support Request Form: 
    DD Form 2535, 2023 edition (PDF format)
Example Aviation Support Request Form:
    Example DD Form 2535 (PDF format)

NOTE: You do not need FAA approval on page 2 for an Aviation Static Display.

If this request is for an Army Helicopter, please submit completed request form to

If this request is for the C130 Air Force airplane, the request form needs to go through Once you receive notification of eligibility, please forward that number to the Kentucky National Guard Public Affairs inbox at


Two Kentucky Air Guard C-130s conduct a flyover at Resthaven Memorial Park in Louisville, Ky., on Sept. 11, 2011, during a 9/11 observance and the closing ceremonies for the Dignity Memorial Vietnam Wall, a 3/4-scale replica of the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in Washington, D.C., that has been exhibited in more than 200 cities across the country since 1990. (U.S. Air Force photo by Maj. Dale Greer)Flyover Requests

Aviation Flyover Requests require a 90-day lead time in order to facilitate the required approvals.

Anyone can request a Kentucky National Guard Army or Air Flyover for their particular event. CURRENTLY, DoD HAS EMBARGOED ALL ARMY and AIR AVIATION ASSETS FOR FLY OVERS. An Exception to Policy (ETP) must be requested through the Department of Defense to facilitate such requests. Please contact the Public Affairs Office for specifics.

A public affairs flyover is a single straight and level flight by not more than four of the same type of military aircraft from a single service over a predetermined point on the ground at a specific time and not involving aerobatics or demonstrations. The event must meet Department of Defense and appropriate service public affairs criteria and be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration prior to the aviation support occurring.

In order to request a Kentucky Air Guard (C-130 Hercules) flyover, please visit:

For a Kentucky Army Guard (UH-60 Blackhawk) flyover, you must request the flyover through the Kentucky National Guard Public Affairs Office--via a DD Form 2535--and send to This will then go to the Department of the Army for consideration.

Please note, while waiting on your eligibility, coordination can be done concurrently. It’s based on mission requirements, aircraft availability and weather, among other factors. Once you are approved, you are “eligible” to have the military participate in your event, but it is not guaranteed. You may contact the Kentucky National Guard via the Public Affairs Office,

Aviation Support Request Form: 
    DD Form 2535, 2023 edition (PDF format)
Example Aviation Support Request Form:
    Example DD Form 2535 (PDF format)

NOTE: The Kentucky National Guard retains eligibility rights. For all requests, you must fully substantiate how your event and how the Kentucky National Guard would benefit from us supporting your event. If you do not fill out the form in its entirety, your event will not be eligible for support. Please use the examples provided and call with any questions you have or ask your local National Guard recruiter for assistance. If you do NOT get a response by email, we may not have received your request. Please call us at 502-607-1000.