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238th RTI recognized as a Training Institute of Excellence

March 16, 2016 | By kentuckyguard
Commentary by Col. Hal Lamberton, Commander of 238th Regimental Training Institute To see the photos from this event, please click HERE. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="351"]
VIRIN: 160408-N-ZY298-16622
Brig. Gen. Stephen Hogan honors the 238th Regimental Training Institute for their recognition and accreditation by the TRADOC Commanding General as a Training Institute of Excellence at Wendell H. Ford Regional Training Center in Greenville, Ky., Mar. 6. (photo submitted) In 2015, teams from TRADOC, OCS, WOCS, the Field Artillery and Infantry Centers of Excellence deployed to the 238th Regional Training Institute and completed the accreditation process necessary to receive the Institute of Excellence rating. The 238th accomplished this goal because of its leadership, operations and instruction programs. This is the second time in a row the 238th has received this rating. This feat could not have been accomplished without the teamwork of the 238th. Credit goes directly to the Soldiers who bring their very best to work everyday. What is this accreditation? Accreditation is a part of TRADOC's Quality Assurance Program that helps to ensure that the learning institution's Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership & Education, Personnel, and Facilities (DOTMLPF) domains enable the institution to develop Soldiers and leaders with the competency needs of today's Army. It focuses the commander's attention on the state of the institution's on-going programs and processes across its DOTMLPF domains as measured against TRADOC-approved Army accreditation standards. Army Enterprise Accreditation Standards (AEAs) are aligned with TRADOC core functions for sustaining TRADOC's core competencies in support of the Army Campaign Plan and TRADOC Strategic Plan. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="288"]238th RTI - Institute of Excellence 238th Regimental Training Institute's Banner of Excellence for 2015. Institutions are inspected on a 3-year accreditation cycle. The level of accreditation is based on a culmination of standard ratings assigned to an institution. There are four levels of accreditation - - with the 'Institution of Excellence' being the highest level to be achieved.

Why is this important?

All Army components have their training organizations evaluated by TRADOC. In the National Guard there are 80 of these organizations. Our evaluation puts the 238th RTI in the top ten 10% of the NG training organizations. Our current evaluation was much more extensive than in the past. All elements of the RTI and all programs were evaluated. These included the 238th HQ, 1-238th BN, 2-238th BN, the OCS and WOCS programs. In the past, just the 1-238th BN and the OCS programs were evaluated. Strategically, what this accreditation does for us is put the 238th RTI at the head of the National Guard Bureau's G3-TASS-TRI list of schools to conduct additional courses and receive additional resources.  Because of the hard work of everyone at the 238th, the RTI is well positioned for the future.  

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