Kentucky Guardsmen Graduate Air Assault School

Sept. 20, 2010 | By kentuckyguard
ACH Courtesy 1-149th Infantry, Kentucky National Guard FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. (September 20, 2010)--Three Kentucky National Guardsmen from 1st Battalion, 149th Infantry Brigade graduated Air Assault School at Fort Campbell, Ky., September 16. Capt. Jason Mendez, commander of Charley Co., 1-149th IN, 2nd Lt. Joshua Bailey, platoon leader Charley Co., 1-149th IN and Sgt. Adam Broughton, sniper from Headquarters Co., 1-149th IN completed the two week tough course. Air Assault School deals with making soldiers qualified to conduct airborne helicopter operations. Aircraft orientation, slingload operations, proper rappelling techniques and fast-rope techniques. The school itself is 10 training days and requires a 12-mile march with rucksack in order to graduate. The school is located at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, (home of the 101st Airborne Division). Instructors at the course are referred to as Air Assault Sergeants. It is open to both males and females. The school is composed of learning helicopter insertion techniques, rigorous training, and tedious packing lists; one missing item could cause the student to fail the school immediately. Courses offered at the Air Assault School include: Air Assault, Pathfinder, Pre-Ranger, Basic Airborne and Jumpmaster Refresher, Rappel Master and Fast Rope Insertion/Extraction (FRIES)/Special Purpose Insertion Extraction (SPIES) Master courses. TSAAS is also home to the Division's Parachute Demonstration Team.

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