New officer looks for new responsibilities

Sept. 6, 2013 | By kentuckyguard
Story by Staff Sgt. Michael Oliver, Bravo Co. 2/75th Recruiting & Retention [caption id="" align="alignright" width="350"]2LT Allen Tross Allen Tross was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Kentucky National Guard on June 27, 2013. He will become a platoon leader for the 1st Battalion, 149th Infantry. (U.S. Army National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Michael Oliver) LOUISVILLE, Ky. - The Kentucky National Guard recently welcomed into their ranks a new infantry officer, Allen M. Tross, who graduated from Fort Benning Ga. Federal Officer Candidate School June 27. Newly appointed 2nd Lt. Tross will be a platoon leader in Charlie Co. 1st Battalion 149th Infantry in Ravenna Ky. “I always wanted to be a leader of men and I enjoy responsibility. I look for it,” he answered when asked why he wanted to be an infantry officer. Tross chose to go through the federal OCS to ensure he had the opportunity to completely submerse himself in the course. He also said he admires his father in-law, retired infantry Col. John Dorsey Jr. who is inducted into the Federal OCS hall of fame. Tross started his officer training at Bravo Company Recruiting Sustainment Program in Louisville, Ky. He also completed the nine weeks Basic Combat Training at Fort Benning, Ga. Upon completion of BCT, he was enrolled into the Federal Officer Candidate School. The OCS program is a rigorous 12 week course which consists of student leadership evaluation, academic examination, timed road marches, land navigation and physical fitness test. Tross finished in the top percentage of his graduating class of 135 candidates. “I constantly push myself to do better than the standard and expect my Soldiers to do the same," he said. "The standard is the standard but why do the bare minimum when you can push yourself and become something greater.” The day after he graduated from OCS, Tross married the love of his life, Casey, and they held their wedding ceremony at the Fort Benning Main Post Chapel. He knows plenty of what he learned and will learn as an Army officer will be applied to other areas of his life. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="243"]Casey and Allen OCS Formal 2 Officer Candidate Allen Tross and then fiance, Casey Dorsey attend a formal at the Officer Candidate School in Fort Benning, Ga. (Courtesy photo) "I have learned that the most important component of any relationship, particularly marriage, is communication- something Casey and I work on every day," said Tross. "We make sure that we both know what is going on so that we are not blindsided by anything. Not only that, we support each other.  By having my wife's support, I can follow my goals in the Army.  At the same time, I support her goal of wanting to become a lawyer.  Through this support, we make sure that neither one of us loses sight of what we wish to accomplish in life. It is important for my wife to have my back and for me to have hers because marriage is difficult on its own, but a military marriage is a completely different challenge." Casey said it hasn't taken her much time to realize how important her role is as a military spouse and the unparalleled support she will provide to him and their marriage. "Allen is a natural leader, he always puts others wants and desires before his own and is always there to encourage and support," she said. "He measures his success and happiness by the success and happiness of those around him. I admire him greatly for choosing this path in life, and will be right by his side every step of the way." The newest Kentucky National Guard infantry officer said he is excited about meeting his new infantry platoon and is ready lead from the front. Tross was asked what he will say to his platoon when he first meets them. “I only expect you to put your best effort at everything we do. Meeting the standard is not enough, you have to exceed it. I will be right there with them exceeding those standards. I just want them to follow me.”

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