Marines Conducting Exercise in KY

Sept. 22, 2009 | By kentuckyguard


Notice to Residents

From Sept 24 to Oct 7, the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, the landing force for the Norfolk-based Nassau Expeditionary Strike Group, will conduct a military exercise in southern Indiana at Camp Atterbury and the surrounding communities, as well as parts of northern Kentucky in the vicinity of Frankfort and Peak Mills. The Realistic Urban Training exercise, or RUT, is a standard part of a MEU's pre-deployment training program.

The 24th MEU, based at Camp Lejeune, N.C., is scheduled to deploy in a few months and this exercise is essential in preparing the unit's Marines and Sailors to operate in an urban area.

What kind of training will the Marines be conducting?

The primary focus for the Marines will be to hone their skills in conducting patrols, operating vehicle checkpoints, reacting to ambushes, and countering the threat posed by improvised explosive devices, among a variety of other skill sets associated with operating in an urban environment. The Marines'

activity in the communities will center on what are called situational training exercises - a variety of mock missions aimed at replicating the types of missions they might face during their upcoming deployment. In much the same way they would while deployed, the Marines will plan the missions in detail, and then execute them in approved, pre-designated locations.

Where will the training take place?

The Marines will be operating in a number of cities and towns throughout southern Indiana and northern Kentucky including Camp Atterbury, Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, Hoosier National Forest, Columbus and Seymour, Indiana, and Frankfort and Peak Mills, Kentucky. Military vehicles and helicopters will transport personnel and equipment between these locations.

While most of the activity will take place aboard the military bases, residents in certain communities can expect to see military vehicles and helicopters moving from one location to another. Residents living in close proximity to a select few sites will be notified in advance that Marines will be conducting simulated raids nearby.

What impact will the training have on area residents?

Many residents will certainly notice more uniformed Marines than they're accustomed to seeing, and many will notice military vehicles and helicopters operating in the area. The Marines will be living aboard Camp Atterbury, and most of the activity off base will be concentrated in a relatively small number of designated areas. Where some raids take place, locals may notice role players dressed in Middle Eastern clothing carrying fake, rubber weapons. The impact of the training on most of the community will be minimal.

How much extra noise should residents expect during the exercise?

If residents notice an increase in noise, it will likely come from the helicopters. We have worked closely with the FAA to establish flight paths that minimize, to the greatest extent possible, the impact on area residents.

Still, we know the noise can be a nuisance, and we ask for your patience while we complete this critical training.

For more information, please visit the 24th MEU Web site at or call the RUT information hotline at 877-676-0396.

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