Task Force Cyclone and Kentucky's Agricultural Development Team celebrate 'Redleg' Pride

Dec. 6, 2009 | By kentuckyguard
[caption id="attachment_201" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Brig. Gen. Culver commands Task Force Cyclone, an organization that will be influencing the expansion of governance, economic development, security, and to help improve the lives of the Afghan people."] BAGRAM, AFGHANISTAN, DECEMBER 4: Members of Task Force Cyclone and the Kentucky Agricultural Development Team celebrated St. Barbara's Day, the Patron Saint of Artillery. Saint Barbara’s Day, is celebrated by the British (Royal Artillery, RAF Armourers), Australian (RAAF Armourers), Canadian (Royal Canadian Artillery), New Zealand (RNZAF Armourers, RNZA), Irish Defence Forces Artillery Regiments and other Artillery formations. The Order of Saint Barbara is a military honor society of the US for both the US Army and the US Marine Corps Artillery, including field artillery and Air Defense Artillery. Task Force Cyclone: TF Cyclone's mission is to facilitate the reception, training, housing and sustainment of U.S troops entering Afghanistan as well as assisting the Afghan government with security, construction and agricultural support in the assigned area of operations.
[caption id="attachment_189" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Members of both TF Cyclone and the ADT mission gather ta Bagram field to celebrate St. Barbara's Day, patron saint of the Artillery Corps."] Agricultural Development Team (ADT): The Pentagon created the National Guard Agricultural Development Teams with the aim of helping Afghan farmers to enhance their industry.  Agriculture makes up 80 percent of the Afghan economy, and approximately 85 percent of the population is engaged in some form of agriculture.

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