Second week of Government Shutdown comes to an end: What This Means To You.

Oct. 11, 2013 | By kentuckyguard
Staff Report Government  Shutdown UPDATE 130924145026-government-shutdown-1995-620xa FRANKFORT, Ky -- The second week of Government Shutdown is quickly coming to a close. Questions from our Kentucky Guard Soldiers, Airmen, civilian employees and our families abound. Here are some quick facts for you regarding this shutdown. 1. The Government is shutdown. As such, this time period is NOT business as usual. Congress has yet to appropriate funds to pay for FY2014 operations and activities. 2.  National Guard drill periods have been suspended. This is due in part to the lack of appropriated Operations and Maintenance (O&M) monies that would allow Guardmembers to order new parts, to travel to drill, to contract support for drilling Service members.  3. Pay Our Military Act is law. This law allows the government to pay Servicemembers who are working in an active capacity. If you have any specific questions as to how the above items pertain to you, please contact the leadership in your chain of command. The National Guard Bureau has created a micro-site that offers the latest information and extensive policies regarding the Government Shutdown. These items can be accessed at: While we endure the shut down, we encourage you to remember these three items: 1.  The Government is currently shut down. As such, we are not back to business as usual, even though most of our furloughed workers are back to work. 2.  Fact is fact. Fiction is fiction. Rumors move at the speed of light. 3.  Your leaders have information and resources for you.   Again, call your chain of command if you have any questions. That is what your Kentucky National Guard leaders are here for.

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