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Medevac provides lifesaving support to Virgin Islands

Nov. 2, 2017 | By stephendmartin
Story by Maj. Stephen D. Martin, Kentucky National Guard Public Affairs [caption id="attachment_28582" align="alignleft" width="300"] Soldiers from Det. 1, Charlie Co of 2nd Battalion, 238th Medevac, out of Frankfort, Kentucky, deployed to the Virgin Islands during the month of September to provide search-and-rescue and lifesaving missions after the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria blew through the region. (photo submitted) FRANKFORT, Ky. -- The Kentucky Guard Medevac responded to the call for support to the Virgin Islands the day after Labor Day for hurricane relief operations. Det. 1, Charlie Co of 2nd Battalion, 238th Medevac out of Frankfort, Kentucky, flew out of the 123rd Air Wing Base in Louisville and began search and rescue and lifesaving operations immediately across the various Islands down south. To see more photos from this mission, please click HERE. “We were called to a urgent transfer from the island of St. Croix to St. John where a patient had suffered a serious laceration on their arm,” said 1st Lt John Kerr, Platoon leader for the Medevac unit. “The call came to us from the clinic on the small island and it was late at night with very little moonlight available. Power was still out throughout the island but we knew the location quite well. Once we landed at the clinic both flight medics went inside to meet with the doctors on site and to get the PCR (patient care report). Once they had the information the flight medics loaded the patient and we departed for San Juan International Airport in Puerto Rico where they had set up a Triage to help patients. The flight took about 35 minutes and the flight medics were able to stabilize the patient so we could arrive to the triage. We landed in San Juan and we were successful in saving the patient and get them the medical care he needed.” The unit flew 88.6 hours in support of passenger and patient movement as well as evacuating themselves to Puerto Rico when Hurricane Maria ripped through just a couple of weeks later. They then returned to the Virgin Islands for follow-on support. All-in-all, the aviation Soldiers were able to move 17 patients over the month long deployment and facilitated 3 rescue-hoist missions to critical care facilities. “I believe we have been training up to a moment like this for the past few years,” said Kerr. “Our medics are extremely well trained and specialized in all scenarios. We had the best equipment and support from not only the Virgin Islands but Kentucky as well. It felt great to be able to fully utilize our training to assist those who need it most. I am very proud to be a Kentucky Guardsman and even more to be in such an amazing unit.”

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