Engineers upgrade training site during annual training

Aug. 21, 2020 | By kentuckyguard
(Photo courtesy of the 201st Engineering Battalion, Kentucky National Guard)

By Staff Sgt. Jordan P. Snow, 133rd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

(Photo courtesy of the 201st Engineering Battalion, Kentucky National Guard)

STANTON, Ky. –The 201st Engineering Battalion made a lasting impact on Hidden Valley Training Site by utilizing their military occupational specialty skills across each company. The engineering experts built roads, cleared culverts, upgraded physical training areas, and established Fort Warhammer, an improved location for conducting field training, on TOC Hill Road during their annual training July 10-25.

While the 201st Forward Support Company launched Zodiac inflatable boats for casualty evacuation training, the 201st Combat Engineer Company (Sappers) conducted training missions involving laying concertina wire and breaching obstacles with exploding ordinance.

The 149th Engineering Vertical Construction Company fabricated barricades for use during the new individual weapons qualification beginning in October, and they constructed new concrete pads for landing UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters.

VIRIN: 200813-N-ZY298-21402


201st Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) oversaw the project at TOC Hill Road.  Their contribution allowed the 201st Engineer Construction Company to clear culverts on Hidden Valley Road, reinforce culverts at Copper Road, and improve the entrance to Fort Warhammer. 

The 201st EN BN developed Fort Warhammer to conduct future missions and training.  They developed gravel tent pads, a parking area, and an extended entrance and exit road with Warhammer Loop Road to connect it all. This new addition to HVTS was later used during a battalion ruck march as a path to showcase these Soldiers' finished products and hard work.

The 201st Unit Ministry Team also made long-term impacts on the battalion during AT.  They traveled more than a thousand miles to visit all companies within the battalion. The unit ministry team conducted six religious field services for a total of 130 Soldiers, while eleven Soldiers received individual counseling for all matters ranging from spiritual issues to their personal careers.

The 201st Engineering Battalion has a formation during their annual Training at Hidden Valley Training Site July 10-25. (Photo courtesy of the 201st Engineering Battalion, Kentucky National Guard)

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