Local business presents monumental gift to Kentucky National Guard artillery unit

Nov. 2, 2011 | By kentuckyguard
Story and photos by Sgt. Bryan Ploughe, 1st Battalion, 623d Field Artillery Unit Public Affairs Historian Representative NOTE:  Each week kentuckyguard.com publishes stories by Kentucky National Guard unit public affairs historian representatives, also known as UPAHRs.  This is an additional duty taken on by a Soldier or Airmen with the intent of telling their unit’s story.  This is one such story …. [caption id="attachment_10707" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Standing over the completed concrete landmark of the 623d are pictured from left to right is Sgt. 1st Class Donald Jones, Sgt. 1st Class James Flickinger, Johnothan Booth, Sgt. Jeffery Reece, Staff Sgt. Dusty Cook, Lt. Col. Jeffery Hughes, 1st Lt. Sammy Firkins, Staff Sgt. Steven Gibson, Sgt. Marcus Thurman and Sgt. 1st Class David Page. (Photo by Sgt. Bryan Ploughe, 1/623rd Field Artillery Unit Public Affairs Historian Representative)"] Glasgow, Ky. (October 16, 2011) – It’s no secret that the Kentucky Army National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 623rd Field Artillery has a long standing tradition of giving to the surrounding communities. In addition to their wartime duties, Citizen-Soldiers have served during ice storms, floods and tornadoes, whenever local citizens were in need.  The tables were recently turned when they received a token of thanks from a local business during some improvements at the National Guard Armory in Glasgow. The full time members of the 623d take great pride in their armory’s appearance. When they had noticed an erosion issue at in one areas of the campus, they tried without reseeding without much success.  Several ideas were discussed as to how to fix it, and they finally came to a conclusion that they would like to have a concrete pad made in the image of the battalion horsehead patch. 1st Lt. Sammy Firkins and Sgt. 1st Class David Page contacted Booth Concrete in Glasgow for some professional guidance.  Business owner Joe Booth jumped at the idea and offered to take on the project free of charge. “We wanted to be a part of this improvement to the Armory, because just like the 623d has always supported their community, this was a chance for us to show a bit of gratitude,” said Booth.  “As a small business owner we wanted to be able to show our support to the men and women of our military, for all of the sacrifices and commitment they have made to serve our country.” [caption id="attachment_10708" align="alignright" width="300" caption="This concrete horsehead landmark was created by Booth Concrete in Glasgow for the men and women of Kentucky Army National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 623d Field Artillery. (Photo by Sgt. Bryan Ploughe, 1/623rd Field Artillery Unit Public Affairs Historian Representative)"] Lt. Col. Jeffery Hughes, commander of the 1/623rd, takes great pride in the collaboration between the Guard members and Booth Concrete. “Just as this pad of concrete is strong and will withstand the test of time and all conditions it is given, so will the Soldiers of this battalion,” said Hughes. “This is a fine representation of this battalion,” said Firkins. “We are like no other unit in this great Commonwealth. It is only fitting to have such a great focal point on our grounds.  This is something that no other unit has.”

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