103rd Brigade Support Battalion Moving Towards a More Mobile Force

April 15, 2010 | By kentuckyguard
Photos and Story by Sgt. Paul Evans/ HHC 103RD [caption id="attachment_1007" align="alignleft" width="600" caption="103rd Brigade Support Battalion’s new Load Handling Systems"]

Harrodsburg, KY- On Sunday, April 11, 2010, soldiers of the Headquarters Co. 103rd Brigade Support Battalion were provided a special treat in getting the opportunity to see one of the Danville based Alpha Co. 103rd Brigade Support Battalion’s new Load Handling Systems, or LHS for short, in action.  With the LHS, units are able to be more mobile than ever, as the LHS possesses the unique ability to drop its bed for loading and come back for it later, meaning one vehicle can work on multiple projects at once.

The LHS has a series of unusual features which allow it to perform stronger than its predecessors.  For one thing, the bed on the LHS is fitted to load inside a standard size shipping container, as well as having numerous attachments for hauling and securing various load types.  Also, if the hydraulic pump system which raises and lowers the LHS’ bed fails, it has jumper-capabilities similar to what one would find on a car battery for the hydraulic systems.  And as if that isn’t enough, the bed drop-off system on the LHS is controlled by use of an automatic joystick system in the cab, making it easy to raise and lower, that is, if your other skills include being able to drive REALLY large trucks.  Alpha Company’s SGT John Ray states: “I foresee us using them (the LHS’s) quite a lot… they really improve supply operations.”

As for all those units out there interested in getting an LHS of their, it might be a while, as they are being picked up by units almost as soon as the state gets new ones in.  Not only that, but the LHS isn’t cheap, costing about $480,000 per system.


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