Soldiers of the 2113th Transportation Company Join Family of Combat Veterans

April 15, 2010 | By kentuckyguard
Soldiers of the 2113th Transportation Company are inducted into the 1/278th Armored Cavalry Regiment in a combat patch ceremony held on COB Q-West, Iraq The combat patch, dating back to the end of World War II, is worn on the right shoulder signifying service in a combat zone with a specific unit. Today the soldiers of the 2113th Trans. Co. join the ranks of veterans who fought and dedicated their lives to our country. "I'm honored to wear the 278th ACR Combat Patch. LTC Cole, CSM Butler and the 1/278th ACR have embraced us throughout this deployment and treated us like every other Troop in the Squadron." said Capt Harvey. "I'm so proud that these Soldier's were recognized as Combat Veterans. They've trained hard and worked long hours to prepare for this mission. It feels good to see that hard work recognized." For the majority of the 2113th this is their first deployment. For these soldiers it feels as if they have joined a brotherhood of combat veterans. A true sense of accomplishment and patriotism. A piece of history to which they belong. "I feel very proud to be a part of the 278th Traditions and the pride they instill in their troops" said Master Sgt. O’Bryan. "The Lt. Col. and the Command Sgt. Maj. were there to show their support to our company by presenting us with the 278th ACR patch and a squadron coin, and of course a punch and a hug!"

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