Virginia grower deploys with KYADT to help farmers in Afghanistan

April 15, 2010 | By kentuckyguard
By Roy Roberson, Farm Press Editorial Staff Wakefield, Va., grower Henry Goodrich will take a couple of years away from farming to participate in a National Guard mission to help rebuild the agricultural industry in Afghanistan.   Henry Goodrich is also a farmer. He operates Ben Gar Farms, a 500 acre family farm that has been in his family for well over a hundred years. Growing grain crops and peanuts in southeastern Virginia is challenging. Farming by himself since the early 1990s has been even more challenging. Leaving it for two years is off the chart, but that’s what he will be doing when he goes on active duty to be a part of an Army-sponsored agricultural mission to Afghanistan. “Sometimes it’s hard for me to know whether I’m a farmer first and a soldier second or vice-versa,” he says. This spring he will go on active military duty and leave with a Kentucky National Guard unit to spend about a year being both soldier and farmer. To read the full article on Lt. Col. Goodrich, click here

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