Kentucky Guard Soldier Authors Book in Iraq

May 6, 2010 | By kentuckyguard
JAK By Staff Sgt. Fredrick P. Varney, 133rd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, Kentucky Army National Guard [caption id="attachment_1358" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Staff Sgt. Shannon K. Ambrose, Heavy Equipment Supervisor, 207th Engineer Company, types on his computer April 21 in Hohenfels, Germany. Ambrose, authored a book called Devils Company during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2007."] HOHENFELS, Germany (May 6th, 2010)–  According to Staff Sgt. Shannon Ambrose, Heavy Equipment Supervisor for the 207th Engineer Company (Horizontal), life experiences can inspire people to do amazing things. In 2007, Ambrose deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom with the Kentucky National Guard’s 410th Quartermaster Company, now A. Co. 103rd Brigade Support Battalion, based in Danville, Ky. Ambrose said that while in Iraq his duties included convoy security*, force protection and manning checkpoints**. “One night I was working gate security just outside the base when insurgents began mortaring the compound,” Ambrose said. “During the attack, a fellow Soldier turned to me and said 'it’s hard telling what these devils might do next',” he said. Ambrose said that statement kept circling in his mind and when he went back to his bunk later that evening, he began typing a few pages on his computer. “An idea just popped in my head and I just kept writing," said Ambrose. “When I had down-time, I would just go back to my room and continue to write about it,” he said. After several months of writing, Ambrose finished the rough draft.  The rough draft was about 65 pages in length and only needed an appropriate title. The book was called“Devils Company” and tells the story of two young friends, Shane and Ralph, growing up during Post World War II in the 1950’s. In the story, Shane and Ralph develop a strong bond until Shane, a small-town farm boy, begins to realize that Ralph might not be the person he thought and eventually reveals to Shane a shocking secret that will challenge the strength of their friendship forever. After leaving Iraq in late 2007, Ambrose submitted his story to several publishing companies.  The first two companies rejected the book, but fortunately on his third submission the book was finally published. Publish America Company purchased the rights to the book and on February 23, 2009, “Devils Company”, had its first copies released on Ambrose said he framed the first dollar he received from royalties earned on the book.  The dollar reminds him of his experience in Iraq. “I really hope everyone enjoys the book because it means a great deal to me,” he said. “When you are a Soldier it’s unlimited in what you can do,” he said. “Do as much as you can do and take advantage of the educational opportunities made available to you” Ambrose is currently writing a second book entitled “The Dead Fountain” which is set to be released later this year. When asked about details for the second book, Ambrose just smiled. “If you really want to know, then I suggest you read the book,” he said. Ambrose lives with his wife Dorothy and his three children Lindsey, Sam, and Carol Ann in Clay City, Ky. *Editor's note:  The 410th Quartermaster was assigned convoy security details at the beginning of their tour.  Ambrose was not a Soldier assigned to that mission. **Editor's note:  The checkpoint the 410th Quartermaster manned was a gate at Camp Taji that connected the American side to the Iraqi side.

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