Army National Guard joins GoArmyEd in 2011

Jan. 14, 2011 | By kentuckyguard
MJO By: Ela Karczewska FORT KNOX, Ky. – Starting June 4, Army National Guard (ARNG) Soldiers will begin familiarization with GoArmyEd, the U.S. Army’s online portal for the delivery of education services. GoArmyEd accommodates all online transactions related to the continuing education needs of Army personnel, including tasks such as requesting and processing tuition assistance for classroom and distance-learning courses, and the management of their educational activities. “Adding the Guard to GoArmyEd completes the Army’s vision of an enterprise education system that serves every Soldier, regardless of their service component,” said Ileen Rogers, the director of the Army Continuing Education System. “By virtualizing and centralizing tuition assistance operations, we take a significant step toward providing the very best education service for our men and women in uniform.” GoArmyEd currently supports active duty and Army Reserve Soldiers as a one-stop operation in which Soldiers, Army Education counselors, and member schools can seamlessly conduct online business for all education needs. In addition to providing the Army with centralized management of tuition assistance (TA) for Soldiers, GoArmyEd also offers greater visibility and improved accuracy in funding and forecasting.  Additionally, it has streamlined and standardized services at all Army education centers. More than 325,000 Soldiers already have active GoArmyEd accounts. Allowing ARNG Soldiers into the GoArmyEd system will increase that population by nearly 75,000, bringing the total to more than 400,000. On Aug. 1, ARNG Soldiers who have setup GoArmyEd accounts can begin requesting tuition assistance for courses that start on or after Oct. 1.  ARNG Soldiers will continue to use the current ARNG system to request courses that start prior to Oct. 1. “Soldiers have registered for nearly 1.3 million classes in GoArmyEd since its inception in April of 2006, and including the Army National Guard is expected to significantly increase annual enrollment volumes,” said Maj. Jerome “Scott” Loring, the GoArmyEd migration lead for the National Guard. The benefits are evident. GoArmyEd supports centralized management of tuition assistance, which helps to reduce administrative workload at 108 education centers, and it allows Soldiers to receive TA from more than 2,500 regionally or nationally accredited schools. Users can also utilize the program to handle applications for admission to participating schools, use centralized applications for TA, receive online course registration, check the recording of grades, enrollments and graduations, track degree requirements, receive automated invoicing from schools, and benefit from customer relationship management and help desk support. On Oct. 1, all ARNG Soldiers and ARNG education personnel will begin using GoArmyEd to manage TA and all other education activities, thus accomplishing the Army’s one-portal objective. For more information , visit

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