New York Guard Chinooks flying Kentucky Guard Aviators

Feb. 3, 2011 | By kentuckyguard
VHV Staff Report   [caption id="attachment_5221" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="A New York National Guard CH-47D Chinook helicopter departs the Kentucky National Guard helipad while training with Kentucky Army Aviators in Frankfort, Ky., Jan. 27."] FRANKFORT, Ky. - - Three Kentucky National Guard Army Aviators continued their ongoing support with the New York Army National Guard Aviation unit charged with the homeland security response mission, Chemical Biological Radiological and High-Yield Explosive Consequence Management Response Force, last week. Kentucky Aviators, Capt. Cliff Flanagan, Chief Warrant Officer Gustavo Grande and Capt. Stephen Martin flew with the New York pilots in a CH-47 Chinook in order to maintain proficiency in the aircraft. "This is a great partnership," said Capt. Eric Fritz, commander of 1st Detachment, Bravo Co., 3rd Battalion, 126th Aviation Regiment, New York National Guard. "We enjoy coming down to Kentucky to train with these guys, especially in the colder months." The frigid temperatures last week forced the New York flight crew and the Kentucky Army Aviation Support Facility to come up with some creative solutions to keep the ice off the aircraft. Kentucky personnel, along with the assistance of the New York pilots and crew chiefs, parked the Chinook in one of the AASF hangars. "This was the first time we've ever had a Chinook in a Kentucky Hangar," said Master Sgt. Richard Hackett, AASF Aircraft Mechanic Supervisor. "It was quite [caption id="attachment_5222" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Kentucky and New York Nationalguardsmen maneuver a New York National Guard CH-47D Chinook into the Kentucky National Guard Army Aviation Support Facility Hangar to melt the ice on the aircraft in preparation for the next day's flight on Jan. 26."] interesting to pull this 47 into the bay to keep it from icing up." Please see our previous blog article about this partnership on

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