Meet the newest Kentucky Army National Guard Chaplain!

Oct. 21, 2011 | By kentuckyguard
[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="360" caption="Joshua Stine takes the oath of office from Col. David Graetz, Kentucky Army National Guard State Chaplain."]P1030011 Click here for more photos on this story. FRANKFORT, Ky. -- "I've been waiting seven years for this!" Those are the words of the Kentucky Army National Guard's newest chaplain, 1st Lt. Joshua Stine.  Stine was promoted in a quiet ceremony at Boone National Guard Center Oct. 21 by Col. David Graetz, State Chaplain for the Kentucky Army Guard. Stine's remarks are in reference to his time as an enlisted Soldier while working toward joining the chaplain corps. "It's always been my goal to be chaplain," he said.  "I remained enlisted for a reason.  It was important to me to get that enlisted mentality so I could say I've been there." Stine's time as an enlisted troop was well spent.  He's already done two tours of duty as a chaplain's assistant -- once in Kuwait in 2005 with the 206th Chemical Company and again in Iraq with the 103rd Chemical Company. "Stine could have become a chaplain candidate while at enrolled at the seminary," said Graetz.  "But he chose to remain an assistant in order to deploy overseas.  He's committed to the chaplain corps and because of his understanding of the chaplain concept he'll make a good one for the  Kentucky Guard." [caption id="" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Carmen Stine stands by her husband -- in more ways than one -- 1st Lt. Joshua Stine, the newest chaplain in the Kentucky Army National Guard."]P1030025 Stine's wife, Carmen, has paid her dues as well.  She was pregnant with twins while her husband was in Iraq.  She now looks after Joshua and Shiloh while Stine is away on military duty or working as a youth minister at Rising Son Christian Church in Danville. "I've always been extremely proud of him and supported him being in uniform," said Carmen. "I'm in awe of his faith and his faithfulness.  He's an amazing husband and father, and I've no doubt he'll be an amazing chaplain." "She's definitely my backbone in all this," said Stine.  "We are blessed."

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