Kentucky ADT 3 pulls out the 'wood carpet' for Afghan farmers

Nov. 15, 2011 | By kentuckyguard
Staff Report [caption id="attachment_11033" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Valentine, Maj. Bernie Quill and members of the Kentucky Agribusiness Development Team 3 work with one of the local Afghan businessmen, Abdul Farzam, on developing their agricultural businesses during their deployment to Afghanistan. (photo submitted by KYADT3)"] PARWAN, AFGHANISTAN - Kentucky National Guard Agribusiness Development Team 3 recently completed the purchase of 1,400 borias, or wood carpets, for Afghan grape farmers in the Parwan Province of Afghanistan. Parwan is a large producer of grapes which are usually sold at area bazaars as juice or raisins. The borias, which are essentially thin wicker blankets, are used by the farmers during the harvest of the grapes. This allows for a cleaner process and therefore produces a higher quality product to take to the market. Maj. Bernie Quill of KYADT 3 says that these borias are relatively inexpensive tools but provide a significant return on investment. "One strategy we use here is to find projects that are low-cost, but have a quick impact," said Quill. "The purchase of these borias fit that strategy and meet a real need for the grape farmers of Parwan." The Parwan Director of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock, Abdul Farzam indicated that using the borias will increase the value of the grapes and raisins up to 50 percent for the farmers. According to Quill, this project has been so well received by the local communities that KYADT 3 is looking to purchase another round of the borias for Parwan and also for the farmers in the neighboring Kapisa Province. Kentucky ADT currently has its third team on the ground and has responsibility for agribusiness projects in Parwan, Kapisa, and Panjshayr.

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