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NEWS | Aug. 12, 2020

Soldiers from the 617th Military Police Prepare for the Worst with CASEVAC training

By Staff Sgt. Jordan P. Snow, 133rd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

Soldiers of the 617th Military Police Company, Rear Detachment, conducted casualty evacuation training on Bluegrass Army Depot Aug. 12.

A UH-60 Black Hawk crew from Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 147th Aviation Air Assault joined in the training to aid in the simulation of transporting the “injured” to a hospital after Soldiers rendered first aid.

“We are training the next generation to win our wars,” said Sgt. 1st Class Bradford K. Stone, 617th Military Police Rear Detachment. “Field medicine is an important part of evaluating casualties and treating trauma.”

Major Jessica Miller, Brigade training officer 63rd Theatre Aviation Brigade Headquarters and Headquarters Company and, spoke about the differences in casualty evacuation and medical evacuation.

“Right now, it is really important that the helicopter crew chief and pilots explain the differences between MEDIVAC (medical evacuation) and CASEVAC (casualty evacuation),” said

Sgt. 1st Class Matthew Raby, readiness non-commissioned officer with the 617. “It is important that they come out of this knowing that with a CASEVAC we don’t have a hoist, we can’t load a litter and we don’t have a medic on board.”

Soldiers in the 24-person rear detachment took turns pulling security duty around the landing site, rendering first aid to simulated injuries, sending 9-line medical evacuation requests over the radio, and loading into the helicopter before taking off to circle the training area provided by the Bluegrass Army Depot giving each Soldier a chance to get familiar with the tasks.

“I want to build up my confidence with the radio communications and learn to work better with the team,” said Pfc. Nathan York.

Taking the opportunity to encourage retention, the 617th invited Sgt. Alex Kropf, 307th Support Maintenance Company, 149th Brigade Support Battalion to the training and reenlist for six years. Kropf took his oath of extension in front of the Black Hawk and then enjoyed a flight around the local area in the helicopter.

Also present for the training were Chaplain (MAJ) Joshua Stine, Acting 149th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade Chaplain, and 2nd Lt. Joshua Gorczyca, chaplain candidate from the 198th Military Police Co.

“It’s about being there for them and checking in,” said Gorczyca, emphasizing the importance the Chaplain Corps places on being present and meeting the Soldiers where they are.

The training for the rear detachment not only helped them hone their skills, it was a chance for them to stay involved while the rest of the unit is currently working on a mission at the south western border.

“The 617th MP Companies are currently working the southwest border mission and we are very proud of them,” said Raby. “Our hope is when the unit comes back we will have a rear detachment ready to mend in with them. We want to show them that, ‘Hey, we’ve been training while you’ve been gone’ and that we are giving them our best.”

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