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NEWS | June 2, 2020

Message from Ky National Guard's Adjutant General

By Courtesy Story Kentucky National Guard Public Affairs Office

To our Soldiers and Airmen,

I want to say thank you for your service to our state and our country in these unprecedented times. Our citizens needed us to respond to the ongoing response to COVID-19 across the commonwealth and most recently, to the events in Louisville.

Let me say that I am incredibly proud of you and the job you have done. Your professionalism, responsibility and service to our community make me proud to call myself a member of this team, a Kentucky National Guardsman.

The City of Louisville asked for our assistance on Saturday morning and within 12-hours, we had boots on the ground, equipment in hand. For a military service known for "part-time" duty – this is a testament to your commitment to serve our state and help in time of need. Many of you have worked on little sleep in an ever-changing environment and have said, “Yes” when the state continued to ask for more.

Early Monday, our Guardsmen were providing support to LMPD. We responded with LMPD to a call, which resulted in a fatal shooting. We were called in to help protect our neighbors and our communities and I don't think anyone thought the situation would ever elevate to this level. This is the last thing anyone wanted to happen.

We support a full and independent investigation because it is the right thing to do and because we have high confidence in our Guardsmen.

We continue to serve and will do so until the need is over.

That said, we continue helping our fellow citizens deal with the pandemic currently running through our country.

We also stand ready to provide support to our communities in times of need, whether it is a flood, tornado, ice storm or providing security – we are here for the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

We also have Guardsmen currently deployed and regularly going out the door into harm's way throughout the globe.

On behalf of our organization, please thank your families and your civilian employment as well. Their sacrifice has not gone unnoticed and must be recognized as we ask you to step away from them. They carry the burden without you.

Your country asks a lot of you. I'm asking a lot of you. For your willingness to serve something greater, I am forever grateful. You have the Governor's and my backing and support as you continue to serve our communities, our commonwealth, and our country.

Continue giving your best because it matters to those serving alongside you and to the protection of our great country.

-Hal Lamberton, your Adjutant General.

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