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NEWS | Oct. 28, 2021

Official signing of the 2021 Kentucky National Guard Joint Labor-Management Agreement

By Jessica Elbouab 133rd MPAD

Members from the Association of Civilian Technicians (ACT) met with since promoted Maj. Gen. Hal Lamberton, Kentucky Adjutant General, for the official signing of the 2021 Kentucky National Guard Joint Labor-Management Agreement, Oct. 25, 2021, on Boone National Guard Center, Frankfort, Ky.
Members of the ACT in attendance were Mr. Chris Searcy, president of the Kentucky Army Chapter and Mr. Pete Rendon, president of the Air Bluegrass Chapter.
“The signing ceremony is significant because it is palpable evidence of several years of hard work on the part of management and labor,” said Searcy. “There were times when the discussions were contentious, but in the end, the team came together for the benefit of the organization and the civilian workforce of the Kentucky National Guard.
“I believe that we have developed a good document that fosters a better working environment, and that better working environment is an integral part of our long tradition of unbridled service to the people of our commonwealth and the nation”
Execution or signing of the agreement marks the completion of union and agency contract negotiations to a successor agreement for bargaining unit Title 5 (T5) employees and Title 32 (T32) Technicians.   
“Execution of this agreement is a positive step forward in promoting labor management relations consistent with mission requirements,” said Lamberton. 

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