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NEWS | Sept. 17, 2023

KYNG Elevates Aviation Day at Capital City Airport

By Staff Sgt. Jesse Elbouab, 133rd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

Aviation enthusiasts, families, and community members converged in Frankfort on September 16, 2023, to celebrate Aviation Day at Capital City Airport.

In addition to the 63rd Theater Aviation Brigade (TAB), the event included Kentucky State Police (KSP), Kentucky Emergency Management (KYEM), DreamFlight Charities, local aviation organizations, local police and fire units and others.

“Capital City Airport has been a friend of ours for years. Many of the people that work there come from our organization,” said Lt. Col. Stephen Martin, director of the Army Aviation Support Facility. “We work together well, and we understand each other’s roles and responsibilities. KYNG is fortunate to be staged here, next to Capital City, with KYEM, and the KSP, close by.”

The event showcased an airshow, with aerial displays and presenting historic aircraft and vehicles that offer attendees a vivid glimpse into the region's rich aviation heritage. Aviation Day highlights Frankfort's aviation legacy and a platform to immerse the community in the marvels of flight.

However, this year, a pronounced focus was placed on emergency response capabilities, with the aim of informing the public about the airport's preparedness in case of emergencies.

“We want to showcase, not just the airport but also the relationships we have with first responders,” said Scott Shannon, assistant director of Capital City Airport “We have local police, firefighters, state emergency response partners, they are a part of this event and we could not have an event like this without their support.

The Kentucky National Guard is unwavering in their commitment to community safety, and played an integral role by presenting helicopter static displays. This provided insight into the Guard’s emergency response capabilities, showcasing the measures taken during emergencies, and how their competencies plus partnership with other state resources enhances the commonwealth.

This emphasis on emergency preparedness in conjunction with community engagement is sought to heighten awareness and instill confidence in the public regarding KYNG’s dedication to their safety.

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