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NEWS | Jan. 24, 2024

Number one specialty branch recruiter named by NGB promoted to CW4

By Sgt. Destini Keene, Kentucky National Guard Public Affairs Office

Kentucky Army National Guard Chief Warrant Officer Three Timothy Collins was promoted to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer Four in Frankfort, Kentucky, Jan. 22.

This promotion ceremony highlighted Collins and his career accomplishments. He was recognized as the number one specialty branch recruiter by the National Guard Bureau (NGB) across all 54 states and territories.

Lt. Col. Jason W. Mendez, commander of the Recruiting and Retention Battalion commented on Collins’ performance.

“Many of you may not know that he was recognized as the number one specialty branch recruiter by NGB," he said. "That's number one in the entire nation and of all 54 states and territories. This is such a significant accomplishment. He and his teammates are often sought after, to be brought in to help train other states happening at the national level."

Collins not only exemplifies exceptional recruiting skills but is a leader who has actively shaped the warrant officer candidate school program.

“He's got the proven success to back it up,” Mendez added. “Aside from that, he's also not just a very good and effective recruiter, but he's also a leader. He's a great leader in this organization that has been very involved with our warrant officer candidate school program. This is something that he's elected and chosen to seek out to really shape that program. Plus, he has been named as the commander for this upcoming class. So, again, just a very well-rounded individual,”

During the promotion ceremony, Collins expressed gratitude for everyone that has influenced his career in recruiting and retention.

"I want to thank everyone that has had a huge influence on me as a person, as a warrant officer, and as a specialty branch recruiter,” Collins said. "It's something I wanted to be a part of for many years. It's changed my life as a leader. It's taught me so many different things and made me realize I didn't know what I thought I knew. But I didn't know until I got to WOCS and started really engaging with warrant officer candidates and started really engaging with leaders in the WOCS program, that it would teach me how to be a better person, a better mentor, and a better leader."

Today is not just a celebration of personal achievement but a collective acknowledgment of the collaborative spirit and support that defines our military family.

“I've learned from everyone; the top to the bottom,” he added. That is what helped me get to where I am today. I stand on the shoulders of my family who have always had to sacrifice for what I do.”

Collins’ oldest son, Ethan, spoke during the ceremony to comment on his father’s achievements while he served as a part of the specialty recruiting branch.

“It doesn’t matter what it is, he will go for it in his career, and different lanes in life, he has never been afraid,” Ethan said. “He has always proven that he can go on and achieve it as well.”

Collins also extended his oath as his first act as a chief warrant officer.

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