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NEWS | March 22, 2024

TAG, Leaders of 75th TC visit troops in Europe

By Sgt. 1st Class Benjamin Crane, 75th Troop Command Public Affairs

Kentucky Guard’s top leader visited the deployed Soldiers of the 2113th Transportation Company currently stationed in Poland and Romania Feb 23-28.

Maj. Gen. Haldane B. Lamberton, the adjutant general Kentucky, Command Sgt. Maj. Jesse Withers, the state command sergeant major, Col. Jason Penn, commander of the 75th Troop Command and Command Sgt. Maj. Benzie Timberlake, command sergeant major of the 75th Troop Command, spoke to the over 150 Soldiers with the 75th Troop Command’s transportation company and got to tour each location where they are currently deployed.

“As I met with these Soldiers (these Kentucky Guardsmen and women), I was proud of how they present themselves, the proficiency of how well they manage their operations, and simply the quality Soldiers that they are, for this service,” said Lamberton. “Our Soldiers of the 2113th Transportation Company are representing themselves well as they serve the U.S. European Command and our NATO partners during their current deployment. In their mission sets, they exemplify professional military service not only of the Kentucky National Guard but the U.S. Department of Defense”.

A small portion of the company’s almost 200 Soldiers are stationed in Mihail Kogălniceanu, Romania. Their mission includes ammo delivery to training sites around the region, as well as large vehicle wrecker missions.

Lamberton added that “their current service is at a time in history where they are knowingly having an impact on world events. They have already benefited every military organization supported by their operations. Every Kentuckian can be proud of our folks. Every U.S. citizen can be proud of their Soldiers in the 2113th.”

This visit meant a lot to the leadership the transportation company who are headquartered in Świętoszów, Poland. For the commander, Army Capt. Hope Smith, she though having the leaders show up added a boost to her unit.

“Having the leadership come out meant a lot to the troop and their commander,” Capt. Hope Smith. “The unit has been in country since September of last year and are looking to finish out their stay strong.

It was motivational to have our state leadership visit us in both of our countries of operation, Poland and Romania,” said Smith. “Seeing some familiar faces from Kentucky makes it feel like we are one step closer to coming home. The Outlaws have done a phenomenal job on this mission, and the Soldiers are well-known throughout theater as skilled and dedicated professionals.”

During their visit, each leader took turns speaking to the troops and thank them for the work that they are doing and recognize them for their outstanding efforts.

“Be proud of yourself and the work you’ve done,” said Withers, as he addressed the troops. “We want to give you recognition for that job. From what we got briefed today, you all have set the standard on what a transportation company is supposed to do, what is supposed to look like, and how it executes the mission. We couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of you.”
He continued.

“You should all be proud of that, every one of you, down to the lowest ranking Soldier here. Every one of you are a member of this team. You all have made this possible. You take care of each other, and you execute the vision.”

Each of the leaders gave out their coins to Soldiers who showed outstanding leadership and hard work.
Lamberton also took the opportunity to be the one to promote three Soldiers from specialist to sergeant. For one of those to get promoted, it came as a shock to have someone as high ranking as Lamberton pin on her stripes.

“I definitely did not expect the TAG to come out and promote me,” said Sgt. Dorothy Ellis, a truck driver with the 2113th. “At first, it was very nerve-wracking for me. But having someone of such high respect promoting me gave me a sense of purpose. I may play only a small part, but he reminded me I am a part that makes up a bigger picture.”

Soldiers were able to get one-on-one conversations with the leaders as they visited the sections as they toured through each location.

The one-on-one conversation was something Smith saw a lot of value in.

“Having that direct dialogue between company leadership and upper echelons is highly beneficial in sharing professional knowledge from different perspectives, and receiving experienced guidance from officers and NCOs who have years of valuable insight to provide,” she said.

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