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NEWS | June 27, 2024

Enhancing readiness, building relationships in Alaska

By Staff Report: Courtesy of 201st EN BN Kentucky National Guard Public Affairs Office

The 201st Engineer "Workhorse" Battalion made significant strides in enhancing their readiness and building valuable relationships through their participation in the Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) program in Cordova, June 2024. 

This initiative, spearheaded by the National Guard Bureau (NGB), allowed local communities and non-profit organizations to seek military support to address various needs. 

This IRT program focused on medical and engineering missions. In it, the Soldiers of the 207th Engineer Construction Company (ECC) were tasked with building a road for the Native Village of the Eyak Tribe in Cordova. 

The IRT mission proved beneficial for all parties. The Soldiers of the 207th ECC gained hands-on experience performing in their military occupational specialties (MOS), while the town of Cordova received a much-needed road to improve the infrastructure and quality of life for its villagers. 

This mission highlights the impact of military service on community development and showcases the practical benefits of such collaborations. 

“It’s missions like these that contribute to a higher job satisfaction among our Soldiers,” said Sgt. 1st Class Arthur Fletcher, the 207th ECC readiness noncommissioned officer. “This AT has been great for morale, and I believe it has impacted the likelihood of Soldiers to extend.” 

According to Flecther, this IRT opportunity boosted retention by providing their engineers with valuable experiences they will never forget. It fostered a stronger sense of purpose while helping a community just by doing jobs related to their mos. 

Amidst the construction efforts near Sheridan Glacier Lake, fourteen Soldiers from the 201st signed extension contracts. 

Through their participation in the IRT program, the 201st exemplified dedication, hard work, military readiness, and community service. 

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