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Gov. Beshear Issues Executive Order Relating to Protection of Kentucky National Guard

July 22, 2015 | By kentuckyguard
2000px-Seal_of_Kentucky.svgFRANKFORT, Ky. (July 22, 2015) – “As a result of the tragic events in Chattanooga, many states took some measure of action to increase the protections for their National Guard members in the area of weapons. In Kentucky, we had already anticipated these scenarios and had in place the protections that these other states recently created. Click here to see Governor Beshear's executive order. First, guard members are permitted to carry weapons when they are on duty. Secondly, guard members on duty at any of our facilities or recruiting stations may legally carry licensed concealed weapons in accordance with state law, a practice encouraged by guard leadership. Adjutant General Edward Tonini established this policy in 2013 as a safety and security measure in response to any threats against guard personnel at recruiting stations, training facilities, armories, administrative offices, on state property or anywhere else state law allows. However, in light of recent events, it is both reasonable and prudent to ensure that we are doing all we can to safeguard those men and women who protect us. Today’s Executive Order directs Adjutant General Tonini to take any additional steps necessary to increase security in order to keep our guard members and citizens safe. As the head of the Commonwealth and of the National Guard, I want to ensure the safety of our National Guard members, where they train and recruit. This is a major priority of this administration.” – Gov. Steve Beshear.

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